Something Fishy Field Trip

Ms. Connolly’s senior room had a field trip last Friday to Easkey River, as part of their participation in ‘Something Fishy’ Programme, in conjunction with Inland Fisheries Ireland.

During the trip, the children took part in, and observed, a number of activities:

🔹Testing and determining water quality based on detection of biological indicators (stone fly, may fly, larvae,)

🔹Observing the process of electro-fishing 

🔹Examining and discussing fish species found in Easkey River (salmon-parr, salmon-smolt, eel). 

What a great experience for the children and a great way to explore the natural freshwater habitats all around us.

The children enjoyed getting up close and personal during the workshop and, in our professional opinions, we give Easkey River a thumbs up 👍🏼

Many thanks to Markus and Pádraig from Inland Fisheries Ireland for facilitating the programme, it was FINTASTIC 🐠