Creative BLAST Programme

Preparing to BLAST off 🎨

This term, the school are participating in the ‘Bringing Live Arts to Students and Teachers’ (BLAST) programme, in association with Sligo Education Centre. 

The initiative supports children for the future, allowing children the ability to connect and collaborate with others, engage in creative and critical thinking. As part of this programme, the school has decided to create a mural on one of the external school walls. 🏫

Today our resident artist, Linda, visited the school for the first planning session. We discussed what we love about our local area and things we believe are special about where we come from. Some fabulous and creative ideas pursued, before we got going on our very first sketches! 🖌️

What a great way to promote inclusivity, collaboration and co-operation amongst all our pupils, while showing great pride for our area.

We are really looking forward to our next session and, of course, showing off our finished piece!🖼️